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What I believe:


I believe that the source of all that is, call it God, by no other agency than desire; the desire for other, spoke or caused all that is created into existence from the substance of the divine being. This divine creator then inhabits the creation naturally and bears the image of its creator in various ways. God in his desire for other, set this creation on a path toward freedom and choice so that one day it could be united with God of its own desire. Thus the fall is not an unfortunate event, but the inevitable baby steps of humanity choosing itself over other. Because of this choice, the mechanism of creation is itself subjected to the futility, Sin is a system of self indulgence, BUT sin is not the problem. Sin is the inevitable consequence of a necessary fall. The futility of sin; starting with the choice of self over other, is designed to point us toward other and the need for love and relationship. 


God’s interaction with creation is therefore necessarily quite limited in order to fulfil the requirement that we truly and freely desire relationship with other. In the Old Testament period it is focused primarily with the problem of evil and wickedness: causing misfortune and taking delight or profit in the misfortune of others. By the New testament period however, a new crop of teaching had arisen; Pharisaic sin avoidance and mitigation. Sin was designed into the system to point us to redemption, Pharisee-ism mitigates sin so that there is no need for redemption, and instead focusses on a presumption of salvation from the fate of the demons who rebelled against God. But Sin is a necessary thing, and we have to live in a world subjected to sin. Jesus came to teach us this lesson and said that we must instead love as he loved, and love our neighbor as our selves. 


In today’s world, the church has made big business of sin mitigation and avoidance – while showing the falsity of this in its endorsements of characters who embody the worst forms of evil and wickedness. She eagerly seeks out the misfortune of others and gleefully profits at their downfall – embracing politics and business with equal ease. People cast out their sons and daughters for "sins", while voting for vile and treacherous men, without a shred of conflict in their conscience because they do not know God or the truth


Heaven then is to rise from the fall of choosing self, to the redemption of walking in the light of other… This is arrived at through the futility of sin, by the agency of desire, and is embodied in the most sacred sacrament of love relationships. Love is redemption. 

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