An ode to the old discontinued Stanley Powerlock 16’ tape measure.

(A silly poem I actually sent to Stanley tools)

Always ready to give a dimension
with tables and conversions to save aggravation
Lightweight and small it won’t hurt your back
32nds of an inch help keep accurate track
8 foot stand-out and plastic coating thats smooth

the only drawback is its easy to lose. 

For Rich... who asked if I still write.

The pointy end of things you get
with helical blades adjacent
engineering feats that men forget
the humble pencil sharpener

screwed upon a workshop wall
always roughly four feet tall
a handle crank for use by all
the humble pencil sharpener

Self feeding holder so adroit
at gently carving the sharpest point
graphite lubricates its joints 
the humble pencil sharpener

A marker is great and so’s a quill
I type and write with little skill
but there’s a place in the world for this one still 

the humble pencil sharpener