Why I reject morality:

Recently during a conversation I had the opportunity once again to share my thoughts on the nature of sin. I shared with this individual how in my reading of the Genesis account, I see God command Adam and Eve not to partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil - that in the day they do, they shall surely die (Genesis 2:17). I asked, What is morality but the knowledge of good and evil?

We have built a whole system around this concept in the name of "Jesus" and yet he taught a different system; an ethic of love your neighbor as yourself. Morality is concerned with me, it breeds self loathing, or self righteousness - it's all about me. The fruit of this is the judgment of others; something else we're told by Jesus not to do (Luke 6:37). This Ethic of Jesus to love our neighbor is all about others, it compells us to act in the best interest of others, exemplified by Christ's own sacrifice of his life. It makes no categorical judgments but relies heavily upon the concepts of mercy and grace.

Paul's statement in Galatians 3, that the law is a school teacher makes much more sense in this context; It shows us that our natural compulsion to be "moral" puts us in an impossible situation, there is no other way that it can "lead us to Christ." Jesus made that even more clear in the sermon on the mount, for it is not just the deed that is immoral, but also the thought.

For those who think this lets us off the hook, let me ask you; which is easier, to act based on our judgments of right and wrong, or to act always in the interest of others. Let me express it another way with the analogy between a set of directions and a compass. A compass gives us a guiding direction, but no specifics - we have to judge whether to go to the left or right of the boulder, whether the best direction is to go straight up the mountain or around... and there is risk in the undertaking. A set of directions is less risky, we are assured these are the best directions available, and that the directions are absolute - and yet we know that no set of directions can get us to the goal, In fact the directions were given to us to show us how helpless we are following them - so what do we follow?

It is interesting how morality also causes us to judge others intentions, while an Ethic of loving your neighbor encourages us to judge our own (remember the splinter and the log?).