Why I assent to evolution

For all intents and purposes you could say that I believe in evolution. I would call it more of an assent, but I accept evolution as the means by which we got to be where we are; the story of origins explained. Here's the thing; I fundamentally do not believe that science and theology are bitterly opposed, but rather good science is revelatory.

Back in 1616, God apparently wasn't big enough to be the God of a solar system that revolved around the sun. The Church stuck rigidly with Aristotle's conclusion, that because of a lack of paralax in viewing the stars, the earth must be stationary. They had a theological argument too; that man was created unique of all creatures, in the "middle" of creation. They believed that man was somehow special and unique, and this was characteristic of the place God had supposedly made for him at the center of the universe.

The multiple arguments against a literal reading of Genesis 1 are solid: Note the parallelism between days one and four, two and five, three and six; It is impossible for the events of day 6 to have taken place in 24 hours, and why would Adam say "Now at long last, here is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh." if he had been created merely hours before. If morning and evening are judged by relative location of the sun in the sky (universally) then how was there morning and evening the first three days, when the sun wasn't created until day 4... and so on.

What we have here is often a case of us taking our ideas and applying them to the text. When we think of man made in God's image, we often imagine in our mind a picture of God made in ours...

Genesis 1 is more closely linked with poetic writing and prophetic writing than it is with history, and so Moses attempt to answer the question of origins is both correct, and yet not literal. (Neither is Psalm 90 literal by the way, which was also written by Moses).

When science reveals something that contradicts my faith, it is correct to presume that possibly there has been an error; that error may quite possibly be in my faith.