Bill Maher is a boob.

I like Bill Maher, honestly, he's funny, he's often right, and he's no more objectionable than his foils on the right (actually it takes several of them to do what he does alone...). I'm baffled by his conclusion in this video at 2:35... Seriously, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, along with half of America, use the Bible as an excuse for their self centered behavior, and what more can you expect from anti-intellectuals, than misquotes, and a failure to understand one of the worlds most studied texts. But Bill stoops to their level, obviously for the shock factor, by saying that the God [who by the way created woman to be the rescuer of man, the Jesus who made a woman the first apostle, the Christianity that says that there is no difference between Jew, Greek, Slave Free, Male or Female,] is the source of all sexism.

Bill Ignorance is the source of all sexism, not Jesus; by playing into that Ignorance, you're perpetrating the very acts you criticize.