Judgement Day

I preached this last Sunday on the subject of judgment.. For all those people out there swayed like a reed chaisng after the wind... Judgment day is officially NOT May 21 2011 NOR is it December 21 2012... and according to the bible I CAN PROVE IT....

ok, now I know that sounds ridiculous... but this whole judgment day thing has been going on far too long with people leading susceptible people astray. I hate to break the news, but Judgment Day came and went a long time ago. All these people are so fond of John 3:16, but who has read John 3:19?

You see, John 3:19 says "The verdict is this:..." Now the verdict is the pronouncement of Judgment, and Jesus is speaking here about God's Judgment of man...that "men hate light and love the darkness for fear that their deeds will be exposed." That 3:16 verse, you know the one that says that God so loved the world... that he sent his son; that one...- God had to do something about his Love for the world, BECAUSE he had judged the world, and seen that we hated the light... God sent his Son into the world so that the world might not be condemned (3:17) despite it's being judged already.