I'm becoming aware, though slowly, of the fact that there is a certain ZEN to just being, or just doing. This is partially because I've been trying to reduce my stress, and have been directed to learn about different "mindfulness exercises" by my therapist, but it's not just that; I've also been reading Emmanuel Swedenborg, and Albert Schweitzer; and within these all there is a certain sense, that the more we try to do something, the more foolish we are.

Now this reminds me of the varying groups out there using the "Emergent label" or desperately seeking to be relevant. The fact is if you're seeking to be relevant, you aren't. If you're trying to be cutting edge, you can't. Hugely relevant to me personally as I envisage a brave new world. Being true to ones own self, Ones own calling means finding ones own ZEN: I've never done anything the way it was supposed to be done... and I'm good at that.