The Church is Impotent (Synchroblog)

If one looks around at how the cultural dictates of gay marriage legislation whip her into a frenzy, one realizes how little social "capital" she has. Indeed the primary problem behind the present lack of leadership ability comes from its abdication of that responsibility in years past; she's forgotten how. I am not here referencing the churches ability to influence, but rather observation that Today's popular consensus evolved from the positions of the church in years past (pluralism was first adopted by the church to fend off the proponents of Natural Theology, and Science).

Tony Jones in a recent blog post gives his take on the homosexual marriage issue. (responding to this Christianity Today article)He expresses an opinion that I have held in the past, but I was troubled by this: "So, marry whomever you want in your church (sacramental marriage), but let’s all band together and encourage monogamy". I think Tony's closer than many when it comes to this stuff, but it displays the churches failings to see a bigger picture (I do it too).

The fundamental problem is that everyone is taking positions around marriage that affirm the assumption that marriage is about SEX; this is a dangerous presumption. When God made man, he says "It is not good for man to be alone" and "not a suitable helper could be found." Now God made woman out of man, not for his pleasure, but because there is something essential to the nature of woman which made man better. When god says "it is not good for man to be alone," it's the first time in the creation account that God says anything is other than good. To say that marriage IS about sex is to affirm that woman was created by God solely for MANS pleasure, a position which is clearly untenable (both because it is misogynistic, and denies her role as [Ezer Kenegdo] - helper/rescuer).

The problem with homosexuality has nothing to do with the image of two men satisfying sexual urges or two women enjoying each others "company," (this notion merely illustrates our pornographic minds) rather it has to do with the abandonment of those relationships that make us full people. "It is NOT GOOD for man to be alone;" Here is a suitable helper (in woman) thus man is better than he was. While sex is a wonderful part of a full and healthy relationship, there is far more to the marriage relationship than the bed. But here the church has succumbed to the pattern of the world even surpassing the world in the divorce rate (I've been divorced too).

God demonstrates his commitment to us by loving us, and sticking by us and making it work, even when we could care less, or aren't trying... There is something about the nature of God, that was meant to be revealed to us through a committed intimate relationship with the other gender... other than sex.

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